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The importance of cooperativism

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In 2009, 16 txakoli´s producers and winemakers of the Txorierri and Busturialdea counties decided to create the cooperative Txorierriko Upeltegien Elkartea, after several years of talks. So today we had a dream that has become reality, opening the Talleri upeltegia winery and achieve excellent and recognized brand of txakoli: our Bitxia.

We chose the cooperative model that was best represented the values we wanted to show our union: mutual aid, shared responsibility, democracy, equality and solidarity. A decision of which we are very proud.

The cooperative movement has a long tradition in Euskadi. Since it began in the late nineteenth century on the left bank of the estuary of Bilbao to the most representative example today is the Mondragon cooperative, there have been many cases that have chosen this business model which currently has about 50,000 jobs. In the following video of Konfekoop can know the history of the cooperative movement in both Basque and the world:

This year 2012 has been declared by the UN International Year of Cooperatives, a recognition of all social economic development that contribute to this partnership model worldwide. In Konfekoop Euskadi (Basque Cooperatives Confederation) organized a party last November 11 to commemorate held in Landako gunea of Durango (Bizkaia).

Bodega Talleri upeltegia attended this event, which had as its theme “Cooperatives build a better world.” At the time of current crisis reinforced the cooperative movement because it goes beyond mere economic benefit. In Talleri believe in it, and we will fight to keep our agricultural cooperative values and principles of the day of creation.

Images of the Feast of cooperatives in Durango

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