Bodega Talleri


Talleri is a recently created bodega located in the municipality of Morga and within the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, through which runs the Camino de Santiago. The construction project for the bodega started in November 2010 and its inauguration has been in mid-May, 2012. The winery has 1,300 m² distributed over two floors and with a capacity of 300,000 litres.

But Talleri is not just a winery; it is a meeting place where the tradition of txakoli-making in Bizkaia, the most modern trends in enology, and research and development in wine-making have come together. The fundamental aim is to boost the culinary arts within the tourist sector, developing products of quality for different target publics. The name Talleri is derived from “tejera” or tile factory, which existed at the same spot where the bodega is today and, effectively, the external appearance of the winery gives this impression, the roof of the building being inspired by the shape of a tile.

The bodega was designed by the architect Roberto Hernando from the Hertza Arkitektura Bulegoa architectural offices, based in the Bizkaian town of Amorebieta-Zornotza.

At Talleri we can find a number of different spaces:


The Visitors’ Reception Area


 The largest and most important of the bodega, it has a laid back and functional design with details that remind us of a conventional winery but without losing touch with modernity.

The Micro winery


Here we carry out all the necessary trials with local yeasts, coupages, special fermentations, etc.



  This zone has 30 tanks with capacities of between 5,000 and 20,000 litres.


The Meeting Room


This is an ample room with a rectangular table at its centre, and designed for holding company meetings.

The Sensorial Workshop


 This is a space of 15m² which, given its small size, is ideal for carrying out enogastronomic experiences in small groups. Here we have looked for an intimate atmosphere where educational and promotion activities can take place: talks, seminars, presentations, wine tastings, etc.


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