Bodega Talleri

Bitxia white

Bitxia blanco
Visual aspect:

Clean, brilliant and with a very good presence; medium intensity of colour (straw yellow with metallic iridescences and green reflections); very lively, it magnificently transmits its vigour and youth. It has a subtle, oily expressiveness on the inside of the glass; an agile, fine and elegant wine.

The nose of the wine

Medium-high intensity on the nose. Expressiveness of noble aromas; clean, varietal; basis of white fruit, slightly mature, apple accompanied by hints of dry grass from the Lowland Hills. Very pleasant, fresh and fruity.

On the palate

Pleasant attack, agile but full of taste; lasting. Very well balanced expressiveness of acidity, making it fresh and agreeable to drink. Good sensation in the mouth, slightly salty sediment with an equally slightly bitter finish, which stimulates the appetite.

The retronasal olfaction well expresses its fruity character, giving way to very pleasant balsamic essences.

Ideal as an aperitif and for accompanying soft cheeses or white fish dishes which do not have too much dressing.

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